Top 5 Reasons Blogging will Enhance your Online Reputation

Top 5 Reasons Blogging will Enhance your Online Reputation

With 66% of consumers influenced heavily by content online and 80% of employers admitting to Googling job candidates before inviting them to interview; online reputation has never been more essential. There are many different strategies that can help you maintain a positive reputation. One of the most valuable methods is blogging.

A blog can be personal or professional and can cover any subject imaginable. Here are five ways writing a blog will enhance your online reputation:

Audience Exposure

A strong network of popular pages with a wide readership will help you to build the strongest online reputation possible. With over 409 million readers reading articles every month, blogging is a fantastic way to introduce your brand to new readers.

Increased Backlinks

Backlinks are a major factor search engines use when presenting search results. Backlinks appearing on high quality, popular pages are considered very effective. So, if you want to take greater control over how your webpages appear in search results, creating a popular blog with relevant anchor texts and plenty of audience interaction is a great way to build a network of high quality backlinks.

Foster Relationships

Building strong relationships with other professionals is a great way to increase your overall reputation and gain more opportunities. Publishing an engaging blog will attract people with similar interests and expertise to read and leave comments. By engaging with readers, it’s easy to interact with other experts in your profession and create a strong network of beneficial professional relationships. Responding to reader comments beneath posts can be another great way to increase audience engagement and build stronger relationships with customers too.

Become a Proactive Expert

Creating a widely read blog demonstrates your readers trust you as an expert in your field. A popular blog immediately demonstrates your credibility to anybody searching for your brand.

One example would be an employer searching for a potential job candidate. 80% of employers Google job candidates before hiring them, so if they search and find a popular blog they will immediately see how knowledgeable, trusted and proactive they are.

By increasing awareness in a positive way, building a strong backlink network and developing a reputation as a trusted expert, you can easily establish a strong online reputation through a personal or professional blog.

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